Blood Pressure Reader Reviewed

Having high blood pressure causes a lot of worry, and if you are prone to high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) then you are going to want a blood pressure reader in order to keep tabs on your health.

You will already know that high blood pressure doesn’t often exhibit symptoms of its own, but can instead be an exacerbating factor in other more life threatening illnesses, such as strokes and heart attacks. As such, being able to monitor your blood pressure can give peace of mind and gauge the effectiveness of existing treatments.

An excellent way of doing so is by making the small investment for a blood pressure reader that you can operate yourself. Technology in this domain has come on in leaps and bounds, with the classic arm cuff system now being replaced by smaller snazzier designs for the home user.

Blood Pressure Reader For Home Use

A case in point is the Measupro Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. As the name suggests, this device fits snugly on your wrist, providing a range of useful information on an easy-to-read digital display that is like a large wristwatch. All you need to do is wait for the wrist cuff to inflate and then consult the screen for the information you require. Don’t be deceived by its size – there is a lot of useful information when you delve in.

Firstly, you ought to know a bit about taking a good blood pressure reading. Consistency is the key here, otherwise your data isn’t going to make a great deal of sense. Pick a good time when you are at rest and don’t have caffeine or nicotine charging through your system, and make this your daily time for carrying out a reading, so that your history of readings is undertaken via similar conditions. The cuff on the Measupro automatically inflates, which makes things much easier, and then you are ready to take a measurement.

The main reading of course is the all-important systolic and diastolic pressure, which form the larger numbers on the screen. These are then correlated with a further reading along the left hand side which indicates how your blood pressure levels fares according to the American Heart Association’s rating scale. So this is a quick and handy way of measuring blood pressure, but also giving you a heads-up in case your levels require attention.

As you would also expect, the gadget shows your heart rate, but it also warns you if it detects any irregularity in the heartbeat, so again a very useful feature that could catch any potential problems in the nick of time.

For those who are more technologically minded, you can do a lot with this nifty blood pressure reader. It can be shared between two people, with different profiles set up. And you can store up to 120 readings logged against date and time, so that you can track progress and treatment.

The Measupro can be ordered here in the USA and here in the UK.

Finally, the blood pressure monitor comes with two AAA batteries and also a two year warranty. Word on the street is that it is accurate – but you MUST read the instructions properly in order to get an accurate measurement. The device should be held up to heart level when in operation for ideal results. If you hold it too low, the pressure reading will be all over the place, and that in itself might not be good for your blood pressure!

Where next with blood pressure treatment?

Common treatments for high blood pressure (hypertension) are generally lifestyle oriented. Your diet is placed under scrutiny, especially your intake of sodium. Excessive alcohol, coffee and cigarettes are all discouraged, and a fit and active lifestyle is encouraged. You’re also told to get more sleep and possibly even lose a bit of weight. If that doesn’t work then there is a whole world of medications available that will, via one agency or another, decrease blood pressure.

Lifestyle changes are one thing, and many hypertension sufferers may concede that they need to change some aspects of their daily regime. But the medication side of things is less than pleasant – we all know that once you start popping pills, you become dependent, at risk of dreadful side effects, and the only person that ultimately benefits is the pharma industry. Of course, if you’re already started serious medication, withdrawal is dangerous, so whilst you want to come off them, that in itself has to be dealt with under medical supervision. Many people who require further help regulating their blood pressure are in this difficult position right now.

Well how about specific bodily exercises that are known to help with high blood pressure, not just for now but in the long term? We’re not talking complex yoga positions that nobody can get into, but easy exercises that anybody can do, don’t take too long, and have an excellent rate of success amongst those who choose to do them.

Now it may sound a bit strange that exercises can reduce high blood pressure, which after all is caused by a number of factors. There doesn’t seem to be much relation between somebody with hypertension due to poor diet, as opposed to somebody who works themselves flat out every day, or those for whom this sort of thing just runs in the family. However, when it comes to fixing the problem, there are common traits that can be exploited, no matter the origins of your hypertension.

The ways to fix high blood pressure

High blood pressure, no matter where it stems from, manifests as a vicious cycle between the contrasting needs and signals of various bodily organs, and it can occur during strenuous exercise as a normal bodily function. However when the balance goes too far astray for far too long then we really are in a life threatening situation. This argumentative cycle going on in your body is in permanent full swing for hypertension sufferers, and the first thing you need to do is the find a way to encourage the body to take a break from this behaviour. This will encourage a temporary return to normal metabolism, before the pressure climbs back up again. But if you routinely call on your body to take such a break, over time the pressure will decrease and the needs and wants of your body will be as they should be.

This is where controlled exercises that help break the vicious cycle come into play. It’s all very well trying to treat the surrounding causes with lifestyle changes and taking tablets every day, but if you can tackle some of the physical issues in a holistic manner, then you could be looking at a rapid and permanent route to recovery, without requiring a great deal of effort.

And this isn’t some sort of program where there are unrealistic expectations placed on you to spend hours and hours on this. We’re talking 30-40 minutes a day to undertake some simple exercises, with the end goal that you may find yourself finally out of the vicious cycle that high blood pressure perpetuates. And not only that, but if you join in the program, you will also learn a lot more about alternative treatments for hypertension that the doctors won’t tell you about, or perhaps not even know themselves. There’s a big world out there, and what we are sold as being the trusted source of medical science is in fact only a small part of the picture.

At the end of the day, high blood pressure can mean walking a thin line, and the worst potentially happening, it could be in a few years or in a few minutes. So why not do yourself and your loved ones a huge favour and take a look at this program right now and see what it can offer you.